Spaces Throw Customers to the wind during COVID-19.

Spaces are the real estate giants offering co-working and office space to business owners.

Recent reports from clients suggest that they do not give time to pay to clients struggling during the pandemic.

News For You found numerous cases of customer complaints on their company news on LinkedIn:

"Saving time by not commuting but with Spaces you don’t save a penny as they force you to pay full rent for unusable offices."

"In Panama they are CLOSED and still charging when there is a lockdown for 4 months."

"I left a message yesterday on the Regus account complaining about them and Spaces, since I have two accounts with you, one in Dominican Republic and the other in Panama and somehow got deleted because I can’t find it. No problem I’ll keep posting until I get a solution which is break both of my contract a with you, get a refund from my deposits and I will not pay for something I couldn’t use because of both lockdowns, you are an unethical business that only want to profit during the pandemic, never got to get an agreement with you, you wanted to get more money from your clients and you have the worst customer service ever."

News For You went into Spaces to trial the offices out as a potential client, and did find the staff to be polite and professional.

However, upon speaking to staff members they seemed to be trained heavily in laying down the law when it comes to rent from clients.

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