Is the force strong amongst business leaders during the coronavrius crisis?

Attention, Business Leaders, the force is with us during the coronavirus battle. I have seen business leaders excel in fighting their way through this pandemic. Young Sky walker would be proud. A new alliance has been formed between business leaders and government forces. Further, Business leaders have indeed completed their Jedi training. This includes leaning into solidarity and business strategy training camps. However, the battle is far from over.

And the dark side of the force (VIRUS) is re-grouping every day. This means that more than light savers must be drawn. Dark Vader (COVID-19) must be destroyed. So as business leaders we must form an alliance together to protect the galaxy. I propose a new training and development academy for Jedi's. This academy needs a good base camp and excellent teachers of training. Work has begun on building this new academy at a company called Learning For You. They build and design simple digital learning resources for instructional designers and professionals. Business leaders would be wise to form an alliance with this new academy and bring an end to COVID-19. "May the force be with U".

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