Dear Student,

First, I would like to congratulate you on making it to University.

I am sure there are lots of events happening at your University for welcome week that will help you settle in your new life.

This year, lots of other Universities in the UK and across the globe have been working extremely hard to make campus as safe as possible.

And you may already be in a zone of stress and anxiety over how your university experience will unfold due to the external impact of COVID-19.

Make no mistake you are part of a elite group of students entering higher education under unprecedent times.

Further, please recognise that you have worked so hard to get here, and must continue that drive in performance to help steer towards your dream job or to become an entrepreneur.

I remember going to University and turning up at induction.

I was more nervous about the standard expected of me at University compared to college.

However, I quickly realized that my university, Greenwich had great lecturers, and resources at the time. And even more important was that I had a desire to succeed. I thought back at the time of all the years I struggled at school being dyslexic, and was just so shocked to see that I finally made it to University.

For some of you University might feel like a natural progression, and you feel that you can handle most issues that might arise. Or some of you may feel scared not just about COVID-19 but about getting a job, an internship or even starting a business.

First, I want you to relax and take a deep breath University is a big and exciting experience. However, if I could give you my golden tip is that the route to success at University and in life comes down to two main areas:

1) Good Mental Health

2) Good Time Management

These are the two most important areas to work on for success in life that I have personally experienced.

Also, you are going to make mistakes and possibly fail during your time at University or different things. I know that one of my lecturers first thought after reading one of my first draft essays, “Oh dear how I am going to get steve up to academic writing standards expected here.” I was dyslexic, nervous had not many friends at University at the time but I just pressed on with good old-fashioned hard work. In one of my classes a top student who was really bright started a conversation with me about grading, and she said Steve you will not get a first its impossible you are too far down in scoring. I subsequently got a First for my degree in Business Studies despite my learning difficulties. 

There are two lessons to this story. The first being you are going meet people in life not just at University who are called no Sayers as Arnold Schwarzenegger states in his famous speech. (see

The second is that I worked my butt off again beautifully illustrated by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the above speech.

My last and final tip again from Arnold is that don`t be afraid of failing because there is nothing wrong with failing.

You have to fail in order to climb the ladder. There is no one in life who did not fail. And its perfectly Ok to fail. And please don`t stay down.

“Winners will fail and get up”

“Fail and get up.”

“fail and get up.”

“You always get up.”

“That is a winner.”

“Hey we all have losers.”

“We all loose sometimes.”

“Don`t be Worried about losing.”

“Because when you are afraid of losing you get frozen”

“You get stiff and you`re not relaxed.”

“In order to perform well in anything if it is in boxing or your job or with your thinking.”

“Its only happening if you relax, so relax.”

“Its ok to fail.”

“Let’s just go all out and give it everything you`re got that’s what its all about.”

“So, don`t be afraid to fail."


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