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Personal Branding Pack

With the rise of social media, including giants LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, there is a demand to grow a Personal Brand. This is because many people want to either start a business or promote their skill-set to move up the career ladder. There are heaps, if not thousands of articles, videos, and posts online on guidance on how to build a personal brand. Learning For You have taken the best of the best and put them in this resource pack. Spend time with Personal Branding because its a daily process of learning to improve who you are, and the skills you like learning. Further, this resource pack will help you create and sustain a great Personal Brand.


  1. Two easy to follow PPT Videos from Stephen Fahey.
  2. New Personal Brand eBook - a short quick, and easy guide on building a Personal Brand.
  3. Plus Brand New Copy of "Personal Branding" Magazine.

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