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Digital Learning Resources Simplified

This comes in the form of Simplified Digital Learning Resources. This could be a simple short video lecture or even a PDF explaining a theory or concept.  To increase and showcase our philosophy we continue to research and analyse markets, education, learning, and development as well as our own innovations in Learning Design. 


Performance Consulting has been around since the early 2000`s. Whilst the foundations and models can offer many organisations simple models to understand performance, sometimes this causes confusion amongst Business Personnel caused by different opinions on what model to use. 

Here, at Learning for You we are researching how to implement and improve organisational performance. We feel that a new curriculum is needed to provide learning professionals a more simple, clearer, and smarter way to be a Performance Consultant within the learning and development function. 


With the Added pressure of Covid-19, being more resilient is a massive and vital area to cover for any organisation. However, Learning For You feel its more about a health and work balance.


Also, graduates need to exercise and practice this skill based on the global skills gap report. Thus, being resilient is a desirable skill and one to be mastered to ensure good overall career and personal achievements. 


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Make no mistake that Coaching should be the new practice in Human Resource Departments and through-out the organisation. Coaching Performance out of people is far more pleasant and motivating to a workforce than trying to manage people. Yet, there is not much research being done that Learning For You can see in business in general. 


Therefore, our Managing Director Stephen Fahey has slowly began research into paving a new profession literally for all Business Personnel. If anything Learning For You will at the very least aid your coaching skills through the continued thought leadership of Stephen Fahey.